Light Sail VR Creates VR Demo for The Off Season

In order to promote the launch of ABC’s “The Off Season,” by Retrofit Films, Light Sail VR made an exclusive 360-degree video promo for the original series.

the off season

The Off Season 360 Experience Traps Viewers into Cryptic Loop

The video tries to make you feel the same fears and frustrations that the trapped characters from the series feel. The promo was originally launched on the 360 video distribution platform Littlstar and you can find it there to enjoy it.

The 360-degrees experience immerses viewers in the wretched Ship Helms Hotel accompanied by Jack and Laurie, the main characters. In this claustrophobic and frightening place, the events occur in a cyclical tandem, an eternal terror.

The creative team behind Light Sail VR used their 360 filmmaking and Virtual Reality expertise to film the promo while the show was being produced. They were restricted to film one actor at a time during the production, but through extensive pre-production and calculation, they were able to determine the position and timing of each character’s movements, so their performances could seamlessly integrate into the video and not tear the loop effect.

Light Sail VR’s team used innovative visual cues and spatial audio techniques in order to make viewers perceive the full cryptic effect, steering and immersing the viewers through an exciting storyline. “The Off Season” can be viewed on and the ABC app.


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