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    Greetings, I recently downloaded your experience (I am actually shocked I had not done this long ago, my VRadar must have been off), and I have run into a non-blocker technical issue/nuisance. I am able to run the app in the default quality setting, but when setting it to High I am presented with a black screen (yes power, active diode rendered “black” screen) with seemingly in proper synch/timing flawless audio. I did of course do some research before coming here, other than the standard Occam’s Razor barrage of diagnostic advice (which I had already tried) there was a suggestion that this is a known issue, but only on lower end NVIDIA graphics cards. I have tried it on two separate machines, one running a Samsung Odyssey Microsoft Mixed Reality HMD and NVIDIA 1080ti on Windows 10 Current GM, the other an Oculus Rift and a 1070, both graphics cards of the 8gb variety (you found me out, I am not QUITE the full on Technocrat, but color me a VR zealot, evangelist, going to MAKE this current VR wave BE the final Rogue wave to breach the barrier-Dude, and bathe the world in VR and what it can bring to our lives, creativity, visceral truth!) I do have ANOTHER VR rig, Vive, 1060 mini ATX and a high end MSI Gaming Laptop w/1070OC I could test if it would help you diagnose, but I stopped at two machines as I have a feeling there is something more going on here and I did not feel like emulating Sisyphus and his rock. πŸ™‚

    This has a feeling of problems I have diagnosed and treated in other areas, namely Codec/video translation/transmogrification issues, but I did not want to go down that path blindly, especially if the high res and the standard share the same foundational Codecs (given that one works).

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated, I will report back any other findings I might have. As I said, more nuisance than a true “blocker” as we would say in Agile method, but I would certainly like to experience the… well experience in higher definition if possible. πŸ™‚

    Thanks, and sorry for the novella…


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