We are a Hollywood-based VR production company that is pioneering the evolving field of cinematic virtual reality storytelling. At our entertainment-savvy studio, our creative producers and 360 writer-directors collaborate on live-action experiences, bringing compelling narratives, dynamic characters and entrancing visuals to every kind of VR project. From powerful original content to high-profile branded pieces for the likes of Google, ABC, GoPro and Paramount, our work captivates audiences and garners millions of views on the web.

As experts in this emerging technology, we continually strive for new ways to capitalize on VR’s ability to inspire, innovate and engage.


We are Creators. We are Innovators. We are Light Sail VR.

Matthew Celia


Matthew Celia is a creative visionary with over a decade of experience spanning technology, film production and entrepreneurial endeavors. Celia fuses his knack for crafting authentic narratives and technical prowess across all sectors of VR production to create compelling cinematic storytelling. His work has amplified the impact of immersive content for such top brands as GoPro, the Soma Fashion Network, Dr. Phil and Google Small Business, among others.

Celia studied Film Production at Chapman University, but discovered a predictive passion for VR during his grade school years by recreating Shakespeare’s Globe Theater into an interactive 3D Quicktime experience. An entrepreneur from early on, Celia spent his teenage years running his own graphic design company that funded his B.F.A degree. His diverse skillset and enterprising drive fueled a rapid break into the industry, helming projects for top clients including Warner Bros., NBC and Chevrolet, before launching Light Sail VR in 2015. Celia has also directed a feature-length documentary, “Off the Floor,” which experienced a successful festival run in the United States.

Robert Watts


Robert is an active pathfinder of all things media. He began his career at the William Morris Agency working in every major department including Unscripted Television, Video Games and Motion Picture Talent. In 2009 he transitioned into content development working at Heroes and Villains Entertainment, a trans-media management and production company that specializes in the creation of franchised IP and the representation of content creators across all mediums.

During his tenure as Head of the the Unscripted/Reality and Digital/New Media departments, he became an early proponent of new and upcoming technology trends. His purview over the course of his career has given him the opportunity to do business with high profile clients, producers, executives, and A-list talent on a recurring basis. Robert is a graduate of Chapman University’s B.F.A. Film & Television program.

James Bickford


James Bickford is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for new technologies and markets. A Silicon Valley trained mechanical engineer, James has experience bringing new products and concepts to market in a wide variety of verticals and geographies. James has a strong track record in the internet of things space and has a passion for how VR can interact with this and many other fields.

James was the founder of Valence Energy a company that was acquired in 2009, now owned by Ingersoll Rand.  

Kristoffer Adans


Kristoffer Adams is a community activist from Memphis, TN. He is also a serial entrepreneur with a knack for connecting people with exactly what they need. His focus is working on ways to increase opportunities for all. He believes that technology is a gateway to untapped potential in everyone. When he is not trying to change the world he likes to hike, work out and spend time with his wife and two children.

Tricia Callender, Ph.D


Tricia Callender, Ph.D is a sociologist, campaigner and global entrepreneur who specializes in connecting people and businesses with the right technological platforms in order to effectively tell their stories and foster social change. She has experience in a broad range of sectors and organizations including media, energy, education, international development, and private industry. While working at the United Nations, she spearheaded the largest and most successful online consultation platform in the organization’s history. She has over 10+ years of international experience, including living in South Africa for 5 years working on public-private partnerships and spearheading technological innovations. She is the founder of Spanner Strategies, LLC, a strategic communications firm that specializes in digital and technological strategy for politicians, PACs and organizations seeking to break old ways of doing things. In her free time, she obsesses over politics, tennis and yoga—in that order.

Ken Deemer


Ken Deemer has spent his career helping entrepreneurs to succeed – as a venture capitalist and angel investor, board member, founder, leader, and executive coach. His experience spans a broad range of industries and technologies, but his passion lies in working with entrepreneurs who want to change the world. Acting as a catalyst to accelerate these ideas, technologies, and entrepreneurs through connections, coaching, mentoring, funding, and leadership, he has more than 25 years of venture capital and private investing experience, having founded or co-founded a number of organizations, and served on numerous corporate and nonprofit boards.